Kickstarter – 20k reached!

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We honestly couldn’t have dreamed of anything better for this Kickstarter campaign. We now have everything we need to pay for the post-production, and we even cleared the debts we piled up while working on the film. With this stress off our shoulders, we can now focus on making this film the most awesome it can be. You’re the best!

Since we feel like celebrating, we’re offering to every backer who gave 25$ and more a free ticket for our film’s big launch party that will take place in Montreal, Canada in spring 2014 (date and place still to be determined). You can check out the details on our Kickstarter front page, which was updated with new info. If you have pledged less that 25$ and really want to come, you can upgrade your pledge to 25$ now and be sure to reserve your spot, or wait for later when we figure out where it’s going to be and how many people we can fit in one place. In any case, our backers will be the first to know if we have extra tickets to sell!

On another note, we just did an interview with Dominick Rabrun who does the Dom’s Sketch Cast on YouTube. Basically, we talk a bit about ourselves and our project and you can see him do a sketch of us at the same time. We also provided him with a couple of exclusive sequences from our film so it can be fun to watch even if you already know us!

By the way, they also wrote a great article about us on Cartoon Brew!

As we wrote on the front page, we won’t be adding any new stretch goal from this point, but you can still continue to back the project if you want and help us get this film to as many festivals as possible!

Again, thanks everyone for your support!

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