(Français) Semaine 26 – Six mois!

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  1. Jean-Pierre

    Lâchez pas!

  2. Lâchez pas les gars, vous allez l’avoir 🙂

  3. Pascal M

    1 semaine ou 2… omgggg!!! Je devrai être capable…!

    Hey bravo pour votre 1/2 année de boulot, j’en revient pas comment vous êtes disciplinés. Bravo! 7:59 mins, c’est un maudit beau chiffre.

  4. Nicolas

    Bravo à celui qui s’est tapé ça : 150h de dépliage uv

    • I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it unearstdndable.

    • Glückwunsch an euch fünf Ich muss sie leider wieder zurücksenden Aber ich denke ich werde nicht lange darauf warten, die OLYMPUS PEN wieder in Händen halten zu dürfen Sie war mir eine riesige Arbeitserleichterung.

    • im with john…hybreds and elect cars are a fad,,,sop to the greenies,,,there soon will be shortages in battery making materials…. real answer will be natural gas power and coal gasification to run small 3/4 cylinder engines running a generator to power an electrict motor

    • sto a rota (come se dice a roma)….purtroppo ancora non ho il coraggio di comprare e leggere il primo libro della ragazza drago, perchè poi morirei per l’attesa degli altri…e la pazienza non è il mio forte…quindi che tu scriva così velocemente è un bene….non dovrò aspettare molto per comprare tutti i libri in blocco!!! ps-ti auguro che questi momenti di scrittura molesta ti prendano più spesso : )simone

    • Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my questions are answered!

    • You look so different with blonde hair. Blonde may be your natural colour but somehow dark hair looks right for you. Love those mules, worn with the shorts they show off your fabulous legs to perfection. xxx

    • Schoppers: as far as I am concerned it has nothing to do with climate change. It is a matter of paying for what you get. Externalizing hour cost means you are essentially stealing some of your profit from whoever bears that cost, whether this generation or the next.You do believe in paying for what you get, right?

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