Update on Our New Project and Celebrating 8 Million Views for Le Gouffre!

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Hey everyone! Our last update was over a year ago, so we’re way overdue for some news!

We’ve been looking into stats lately and were pretty amazed to see that Le Gouffre has been viewed more than 8 million times if you add up all the different uploads online! It’s been more than five years since the film was released, so it’s great to still see people discovering it for the first time even today.

So what have we been up to since? If you didn’t know yet, we have been working on our next project called Dinomancers (formerly named Shadow of the Dino Kings). We have been hard at work and although we didn’t update much during the last year, we are now finally back on social media with new stuff to share.

You can now follow our project on YouTube and Twitter as well as Facebook and Instagram like before. We’ve also just launched a new series of tutorials on our YouTube channel that shows some techniques we use to achieve our toon shader look inside Blender. A bit like we used to do on our blog back in the days, but a lot more in-depth!

Check out this video of Thomas to get the latest update, and make sure to watch the first two tutorials below if you want to learn more about creating an NPR look.

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