First official selection!

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Hello everyone!

We’ve just received excellent news : our film was selected to be part of the official selection at the USA Film Festival!

It is quite an important festival in the USA and a first prize in the animation category could make our film eligible for an Oscar nomination. Let’s hope for the best!


We’d like to take the opportunity to thank again everyone who came on March 14th for the Premiere. Sharing the movie with you was really magical!

Don’t miss out this article covering the event (in french only):

Le Gouffre, un succès phénoménal! (La Petite Boite)

A quick message too for those who contributed to the Kickstarter and who are wondering when we’ll be sending out the download links for the film. Sadly, you’ll have to wait a little longer! Many festivals don’t accept films that have been put online and that’s not something we’ll be able to control once we send out the film. That’s why we’d like to wait towards the end of our festival run before doing it. We’ll let you know when we’re ready!

Thanks and have a great week everyone!