Week 45 – New look

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Hello everyone!

Now that we can finally render the set (the textures and import script being done), Thomas is reworking our old shots. Although they weren’t that bad, they didn’t feel like it’s evening, as required by the story. Also, the storm effect wasn’t feeling menacing enough to our taste.

So here’s the first shot we showed you a while back with the new look. After that, you can see comparison shots between the old and the new look. Comments are welcomed!

SHOT 019_010 – Old version:

SHOT 019_010 – New version:

SHOT 019_030 – Old version:

SHOT 019_030 – New version:

For those who are wondering what’s going on with our screwed-up computer, well it will take a little longer that expected since the new piece we need is backorder. So we’re a little slower at rendering stuff there days but that should be fixed eventually.

Thanks for coming and see you soon!

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  1. TreeHugher4000

    Never seen a lightning bolt with such a perfect timing! Thumbs up!!

  2. Yves Paradis

    WOW, sérieux bravo les gars c’est un méga upgrade que vous avez fait là ! l’ambiance est vraiment mieux réussi. J’aimbe beaucoup la lisìère de forêt en silhouette et la nouvelle teinte avec plus de rouge dans les ombres. Très beau travail d’éclairage, continuez de nous impressionner comme ça !!!

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