Week 69 – SODEC News

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You might remember those papers we filled a few months ago for the grant? Well, we received the answer last friday and unfortunately, we didn’t get it.

It’s a little sad since we really counted on that money to help us work through the end of this film. It means we’ll have to change our plans a little, but one thing is certain, we’re not giving up! In fact, we’re relieved to finally know what’s going on, these last three months felt like an eternity!

So, for this week’s post, we have another short animation clip to show you. This time, it’s about the villagers taking cover inside the mill before of the storm. Try to imagine it with rain and thunder!

Also, we’re currently reworking some old compositing scenes and it’s just getting better and better! Here’s one we just finished – it’s not necessarily the most dramatic, but at least it doesn’t have any spoilers!

Well, that’s it for this week. Thanks for coming, and see you soon!

Week 67 – Autumn Sequence

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Just as the nice weather is coming back, we just finished animating the last storm shots. That’s good news for us because we’ll finally have the chance to try out new ambiences, but also for you since we’ll be able to show you more animated shots from now on.

We’ll start out with a short clip of three shots taking place during autumn. It’s a simple capture taken from our 3D scene, so don’t be surprised if there’s no lighting and a few odd glitches. Just see it as a little tease of what’s to come – we promise the final shots will be much better!

Well that’s it, we hope you enjoyed our little sequence. Have a good week everyone!

Week 59 – Compositing Breakdown

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Hello everyone!

This week, we prepared a little breakdown of the passes we use in compositing. It’s also a new shot we never showed before!

And for the curious out there, here’s a montage showing you all the different kind of passes used in the video.

As you can see, we’ve got a lot of things to prepare before rendering. Luckily, we wrote a script that simplify our life by setting up most of these passes in the matter of a single click. Of course there’s still work to be done like placing all the lights and effects like rain, fire and mist, but that’s still much faster than doing everything from scratch all the time.

Well, that’s it, we hope you liked this post! Come back soon for more news on Le Gouffre™!

Week 45 – New look

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Hello everyone!

Now that we can finally render the set (the textures and import script being done), Thomas is reworking our old shots. Although they weren’t that bad, they didn’t feel like it’s evening, as required by the story. Also, the storm effect wasn’t feeling menacing enough to our taste.

So here’s the first shot we showed you a while back with the new look. After that, you can see comparison shots between the old and the new look. Comments are welcomed!

SHOT 019_010 – Old version:

SHOT 019_010 – New version:

SHOT 019_030 – Old version:

SHOT 019_030 – New version:

For those who are wondering what’s going on with our screwed-up computer, well it will take a little longer that expected since the new piece we need is backorder. So we’re a little slower at rendering stuff there days but that should be fixed eventually.

Thanks for coming and see you soon!

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