Week 99 – Touch ups

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Hey everyone,

Things are looking up here at the studio! We’re in the very last rush before the film is finally done, our sound designer Mark Donis is making great progress with the sound recording, and our music composers Daniel and Deryn Cullen have finished composing the score for the entire film. They still have to record all the live cellos and do all sorts of adjustments before it’s final, but it already sounds like a real masterpiece. We cannot wait to let you hear it!

Right now the timing of the film is locked and there will not be any more changes to the animation, but we still have a lot of tweaks to do on the compositing of the first half of the film. We have a first pass of comp for all the shots, which means all the layers were created and tested to be sure there were no bugs in the rendered frames, and now we just have to embelish the overall ambiance.

The pipeline we found to be the most effective is the following : I’ll draw over the first comps in Photoshop to get a good feel of what we want, and once it’s approved, Thomas and Carl can use it as reference to make the shots better.

Here’s a couple of shots we did recently (click to see in full size) :




That’s all for now. Thanks for dropping by, and see you next week for the last update of the year 2013!


Week 97 – Opening shot

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Hey everyone!

We’ll do a quick update this week, since we are all way over our head with all the stuff that needs to be done before Christmas…

Usually, we use rendered 3d lights to light our scenes, but we decided to do a little different for the first few shots of the film and paint the lighting directly in the textures like in a good old 2D background. As an example, here’s a matte painting for the opening shot of the film!


Happy Christmas shopping everyone! 🙂


Week 95 – Camera Projections

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Only four updates left before Christmas! A little vacation won’t hurt!

With less than three shots left to animate, we can safely say that the hardest part of the film is behind us. Nevertheless, we still got a lot of texture projections to do in order to get that painterly feel we are after. Here’s a few before/after of projections that we did recently!




For those of you who are wondering why the textures were so low resolution to begin with, well it all comes down to the fact that if we added too many details on the base textures, as soon as we would have stepped back the camera we would have lost the painterly feeling. Another reason is that since the film is taking place in a lot of different areas, it would have taken forever to detail every little corner. To overcome this problem, the logical solution was to do only the minimum we needed on the initial texture work, and then paint exactly the look we wanted using camera projections once the animation was completed.

Well, that’s it, we hoped you enjoyed this post. Thanks and see you soon!


Week 93 – Bird Animation

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Hey everyone!

Lately, Carl has animated a couple of birds for some shots of the beginning of the movie. Since we’re always trying to save time when we can, he found an easy way to add variety to a base cycle by using the animation mixer and a simple curve. So here’s a video demonstrating how it was done, as well as a new animation shot showing the birds in action!

Well, that’s it, we hope you enjoyed our little video. Thanks for being here, and come back soon for more news about Le Gouffre!

(By the way, David is animating right now his very last shot on the film!)


Week 81 – Teaser soon

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That’s right, we’re working right now on a teaser for the film! We can’t tell you just yet when we expect to put it online, but here’s a little sneak peek to keep you waiting :

We reworked a lot of shots lately and came up with some pretty cool ambiences. We can’t wait to show you all of this! In the meantime, here’s a few textures that were done in the last week for a sequence that takes place in the forest :

That’s it for this week! Come back soon for more exciting news on Le Gouffre™!

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