Week 95 – Camera Projections

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Only four updates left before Christmas! A little vacation won’t hurt!

With less than three shots left to animate, we can safely say that the hardest part of the film is behind us. Nevertheless, we still got a lot of texture projections to do in order to get that painterly feel we are after. Here’s a few before/after of projections that we did recently!




For those of you who are wondering why the textures were so low resolution to begin with, well it all comes down to the fact that if we added too many details on the base textures, as soon as we would have stepped back the camera we would have lost the painterly feeling. Another reason is that since the film is taking place in a lot of different areas, it would have taken forever to detail every little corner. To overcome this problem, the logical solution was to do only the minimum we needed on the initial texture work, and then paint exactly the look we wanted using camera projections once the animation was completed.

Well, that’s it, we hoped you enjoyed this post. Thanks and see you soon!


Week 43 – Little technical issue

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We’re back!

The least we can say is that we had our fair share of emotions these last few weeks. As we were getting all excited about rendering our entire set for the first time, our main computer crashed on us with a smell of burning. Verdict: the water-cooling system is done for and leaked everywhere. The replacement piece is on its way, but until then, our precious render beast will have to take a break.

Luckily, we didn’t lose anything (except a day cleaning the leaks) and we managed to transfer the project on Carl’s computer. So more fear than harm was done, and the project is back on track!

We even succeeded at rendering the set without exploding another computer, so that’s encouraging. Here’s the last test for the autumn look in HD:

As always, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

Week 36 – Shot 019_110

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Hello everyone!

For the animation lovers out there, here’s a new shot that Carl animated last week! Note that we will start naming shots with their actual production name from now on to make it simpler for us. So today, the shot we’re showing you is the eleventh of the nineteenth sequence.

Apart from that, here’s a little update on the set textures. I’m still working on low-rez camera-projected textures, but as soon as I’ll be satisfied with the overall colors, I’ll start transfering it back on the models containing UVs so that I can fix all the glitches resulting from the projection. Here’s an example of a new color pass I did on this part of the set.

That’s all we got for this week. See you next time!

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