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This is it! You can now access our Kickstarter page and see the first official teaser for Le Gouffre!

You’ll also notice that we did a few changes to the website. First of all, we replaced the old Le Gouffre logo with the new one we designed for the Kickstarter campaign. If you go take a look at our gallery, you’ll see we replaced all the images with new ones taken directly from the film. Also, since we’re starting to have a lot of videos on our Vimeo account, we figured we could as well post them on the website in a new Videos section.

So there you go, we invite you to share our Kickstarter with everyone. Le Gouffre fans, this your chance to help us finish this film!

Week 83 – Kickstarter in September!

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Get ready for some action at Le Gouffre very soon, because we’re expecting to launch a Kickstarter funding campain this September 9th!

You’ll finally be able to see the teaser we told you about, which includes lots of shots we’ve never shown before. We also worked hard to find some cool gifts for those who will decide to back us.

Stay tuned, we will soon need all of your support!

Week 73 – Face drops technique

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Hey everyone!

This week, we’ll be showing you a technique we use to render small drops of water that run down the face of our characters. You’ll see it’s quite simple, and also has the benefit of being far less complicated than to try to simulate the whole thing.

First, we create an animated texture of the droplets. In order to do this, we use After Effects and a texture of the character’s face as reference. This way, it’s a lot easier to animate the drops so that they really follow the contours of the face.

Once the animation is completed, we export an image sequence with only the drops in black and white so that we can later apply it on the 3d model.

For example, here’s one close-up shot that needed this effect :

We create a new pass with a constant material that uses the image sequence that we rendered previously. This way, the texture will follow the model perfectly, no matter how much the face deforms.

That’s it! Now, we only need to render the pass to use it in our compositing package. A good general tip to really sell the effect is to make the drops be more visible in the reflective areas of the face. Here’s the final image :

Have a good week everyone!

Week 67 – Autumn Sequence

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Just as the nice weather is coming back, we just finished animating the last storm shots. That’s good news for us because we’ll finally have the chance to try out new ambiences, but also for you since we’ll be able to show you more animated shots from now on.

We’ll start out with a short clip of three shots taking place during autumn. It’s a simple capture taken from our 3D scene, so don’t be surprised if there’s no lighting and a few odd glitches. Just see it as a little tease of what’s to come – we promise the final shots will be much better!

Well that’s it, we hope you enjoyed our little sequence. Have a good week everyone!

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